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Overcharged for service I never purchased

I have been a DTAC customer for 1 year now. I use it primarily for internet and occassional calls. I kept wondering where my balance kept going until today a friend showed me that money kept getting deducted for something called "lek ruay lan02" . I have never subscribed to a service like this and even my packages don't show it as active so I cannot remove it. I would like immediate cancellation of this and a refund for all charges since its inception. I really like DTAC services and will not be leaving so I would really appreciate a quick resolution. 

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Re: Overcharged for service I never purchased

You can manually cancel the content service via the dtac App menu. _____________________________________________ dtac App is easy to complete in one app, can be downloaded for free at http://ddch.dtac.co.th/MDDAffiliateWeb/Download/5f8dddb?lang=TH
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Hello 0994160869, as advised by Iampichet, you can cancel it via dtac application. For this time, I have cancelled it already. For the credits, we'll credit you back within a few hours. 

Thank you.

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